2016 Jock Wadley Road Race photography

As I’ve mentioned before on my website, asides from wedding photography my other passion in life is cycling both as a rider and coach. For the last five years or so my cycle club have asked me to photograph their major cycle race.

Named after pioneering cycling journalist Jock Wadley this event is very popular with pro and semi-pro teams as an early season test of form. Having photographed the event for so many years my style has evolved as I’ve tried to challenge myself creatively as I do for all assignments. I no longer take hundreds of images of the racers pedalling along┬ábut look for alternative angles and viewpoints.

The one shot that never changes is the winner crossing the line, this is the shot press wants, and although things are moving a little faster isn’t that different to wedding photography. It’s a one off moment in time that can’t be repeated.