I’m not your average wedding photographer

I was standing in a beautiful little churchyard a couple of weeks ago, having found a lovely spot for a bride and groom portrait. While the bride and groom positioned themselves a guest came up and took a picture of them and then said to me:

“I hope you don’t mind. At the last wedding I took a photo and the wedding photographer told me off!”

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Up and away – Favourite photographs

Laura and Tom had already released balloons with their guests, you can see their wedding photos here. They hung on to a few balloons and brought them with them for their portraits. We had always planned to take a photo on the bridge as the couple loved the Sudbury Meadows. After taking their photos I spotted they had let go of the balloons, I love taking photos of the bride and groom within a landscape and the balloons just finish it off.

Laura and Tom's Sudbury Suffolk wedding photography

Three Peaks Challenge

On Friday 31st July I joined the team from the Magic Moments charity to make the long journey north to Fort William, our base for the night before climbing the first of the three peaks, Ben Nevis the next afternoon. We reached the bitterly cold summit still with patches of snow, then quickly made our descent as darkness began to fall. Driving through the night we reached Wasdale in the Lake District at around five in the morning. Bleary eyed we climbed Scafell Pike much lower than Ben Nevis but still arduous, fatigue was beginning to be felt but we made the summit together. Finally the drive to Snowdon in Wales with most of us sleeping except for essential refuelling at a motorway service station. Finally the ascent of Snowdon on a beautiful, warm early Sunday evening. Despite the fatigue I think at this point we all knew we would succeed and although feeling plenty of aches and pains spirits where high. Just as the sun set we reached our final summit. Before head torches on and one final descent.

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