How I work as a wedding and portrait photographer

My style is very relaxed, I prefer to take my photographs in a documentary or photojournalism style, often in classical black and white. Capturing moments as they happen rather than elaborate posed shots. I'm influenced by photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Bill Brandt.

During a wedding or family portrait session I will always strive to be as unobtrusive as possible. When you think of a favorite memory it is rarely that of posing in a studio in front of a bank of lights. A treasured moment is far more likely to center around a favourite place like a park or the seaside.

The same is true of weddings, the special moments that you'll remember forever aren't those set up by the photographer. The special moments during the brides preparations not seen by the groom deserve to be documented for everyone to look back on.

Weddings are of course full of traditions and part of this is often the family and group photographs. Prior to your wedding we'll meet and compose a list and I'll ensure these special photographs will be taken with the minimum of fuss during your day.

As I'm sure you can imagine a wedding from bridal preparations to final dance can result in a large number of photographs from which the best will need to be selected. Whilst I don't make heavy use of Photoshop I always ensure my photographs are of the very best quality possible, this means, especially during peak times it can take up to six weeks for you to receive your images.

Please be aware that as an artist my style is continually evolving, therefore the photographs you receive may differ in treatment to those currently on my website.

How I work