I’ve joined the X-Men

If you’re thinking of booking me to photograph your wedding don’t expect me to turn up with massive cameras and long lenses around my neck.

Part of photographing your wedding in a documentary style is blending in with your guests, hard to do with masses of equipment, instead like many wedding and social photographers I’ll be using the Fuji X range of cameras and lenses. These are much smaller, more like an old fashioned camera. They may have a retro look but their performance and quality is anything but. The camera’s sensor has been developed with input from the same scientists who developed the original Fuji film, this gives the camera’s output a wonderful film like feel.

But don’t think for a moment your pictures will in anyway be inferior, the quality of the images is truly beautiful and you will be delighted with the photographs of your wedding or portrait session.

The other great advantage of these little cameras is they’re much less intimidating for you and your guests, I’m not hidden behind a great big camera, especially important when photographing children. If you would like me to photograph your wedding in a documentary style in Sudbury Suffolk or the surrounding counties of Essex, Norfolk, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire we can meet up before for a pre-wedding shoot and you can experience these wonderful little cameras in action.


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