Photo retouching and compositing

When you need new images for your website and you’ve just completed a gruelling mountain bike challenge in South Africa but have no photos what do you do? This was the dilemma faced by local bike shop owner Paul.

The answer, a posed photograph in a makeshift studio and a stock shot of a suitable background composited together. Whilst set-up I also took the the opportunity to photograph brother and fellow owner Darren with his own background. Creating these images is quite time consuming, with lots of intricate cutting out of bike parts and the brothers, then matching lighting and colours.

Although I always aim to keep my wedding photographs as natural as possible,¬†occasionally a little retouching is required. Quite often you’ll find fire escape signs and plugs and sockets in the most inconvenient places which I’ll always endeavour to remove from wedding photos. I don’t as a rule retouch the bride and groom unless specifically asked, they’re always perfect on their wedding day.