Why prints and albums are important

In today’s hi-tech world most images exist only as digital files, a bunch of pixels. Our albums tend to exist only on social media such as Facebook, in twenty or even fifty years time what will have happened to these? assuming our files have survived will tomorrow’s computers still be able to display the file formats we use now? Will our favorite social sites still be running, even if they are will our children still be able to access them?

Lots of questions, all prompted by a recent post on Facebook. As I scrolled through a group for my local area a name stood out and along side it the photo above, ironic that I should find it on the internet but the photograph physically exists, you can actually hold it, smell it, feel its texture. What makes this photograph special to me is on the right are my grandparents with my father sitting on my grandmother’s lap. The older gentleman is my great grandfather whom I never met. What I also love about this picture is my father remembers it hanging in his uncle’s house, how many of us will remember a photo on an iPad in fifty years time?

Finally the man in uniform is my great uncle, through showing this photo to my father I’ve learnt about his service in the second world war, his participation in D-Day and subsequent injury from shrapnel and finally being mentioned in dispatches twice. All that from an old family photo.

Photographs should exist, framed on the wall or in an album. When your son or daughter brings home their first boyfriend or girlfriend it will be so much more fun looking at the embarrassing baby photos flicking through an album than hunting through a computer trying to find them.

Like most wedding and portrait photographers I supply my images in digital format but I would urge you to print your photos. Turn them in to wall art or albums, create your own family heirlooms. I have a range of beautiful products to display your photographs or if you prefer to source your own I will always offer advice on the best way to print my pictures.


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