Strike a pose – formal wedding portraits

It seems that nothing worries a bride and groom more than the thought of posing for formal wedding photographs. As a documentary photographer I’ll capture lots of candid shots of the couple but I have to confess there’s something timeless about a nice portrait. I always love seeing a wedding portrait on the mantelpiece of a couple who’ve been married for many years.

The truth is it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. If you’re really worried we can arrange a pre-wedding or engagement shoot so we can get to know each other and you can get used to being in front of the camera.

You really don’t need to be concerned, on your big day the ideal time for these shots is generally after the ceremony. It can actually be quite nice for the bride and groom to not be the center of attention for a few quiet minutes and just be together after all the excitement and emotion of the ceremony. It’s a great time for photographs as you’ll have felt so close together and your emotions will still be running high.

So you’re away from the crowd, what happens next? My approach is to put you in a location I’ve already scouted, then to get started I’ll ask you to face each other and talk. I take a step back and start making photographs of a newly married couple with all that love and emotion interacting together. That’s the magic that creates great photographs, not ‘stand here, put your hand there, smile etc. You’re not Vogue models and nobody expects you to be, least of all me.

Once we’ve taken those initial frames, your relaxed we move on to another location and repeat the process, I might just adjust your position or rearrange the brides veil or train and that’s it, I stand back and capture your photos. Ten – twenty minutes later we’re done, you can return to your guests relaxed and ready to party.

I’ll leave you with a quote from bride Mary whose testimonial you can read here.

“We had been reluctant to have many shots of us as a couple as we wanted to spend time with all of our guests – but Chris gently encouraged us to take a bit of time out, and we were SO glad he did – the photos are so special and really capture the happiness of the day.”