Mary and Matt’s wedding photography testimonial


Mary and Matt’s wedding – at Red Lion Church Colchester and Priory Hall Hadleigh

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Our experience with Chris was fantastic from start to finish. We weren’t after a traditional set of wedding photos and certainly didn’t want to spend much time on the day standing in poses, so Chris’ style was absolutely perfect. When we first met him he took the time to look around the church with us and really took on board all of the things which were special to us about the building. He then took the time to visit our venue and get to know the layout and potential there – which meant that on the day he had some great ideas about what to capture.

It was important to us that the day didn’t become a photo shoot and that our photographer was unobtrusive and subtle – Chris was exactly that and was so respectful to us and all of our guests.

Given how much Chris blended into the background on the day, we couldn’t believe it when our photos arrived – they were completely gorgeous and he captured absolutely everything we had hoped for and more! Beautiful shots of the flowers, of all the individual crafty bits that we had made, and of course all of the guests, were in abundance. And the presentation of the package was a very special surprise! We had been reluctant to have many shots of us as a couple as we wanted to spend time with all of our guests – but Chris gently encouraged us to take a bit of time out, and we were SO glad he did – the photos are so special and really capture the happiness of the day.

For us, the overriding feeling of all of Chris’ photos is one of movement, fun and joy – the style of his shots have perfectly captured the excitement and celebratory feel of the day, with fantastic high-quality bright and colourful pictures alongside stylish, beautiful black and white shots.

We couldn’t have been happier with our experience and would highly recommend Chris to anybody who wants the essence of their wedding captured – especially if you want to achieve this without having to give over hours of the day to standing around in forced poses!

Our pictures are perfect and we can’t wait to look back on them in years to come – they convey the happiness and joyfulness of the day and we couldn’t be happier with them.

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Date published: 07/28/2015